Lifted to Human’s Highest Place on Earth – risen by the Tides and the Pull from a Reflection on our own Emotions… there’s only one Safe Place to Be – BEFORE WE FALL, After.

Get on your knees and cling to the TRUTH – when you Fall, God will sort the pieces into place – that leaves the Dog’s trail to the REAL Truth of Unconditional Love – Love that ALWAYS forgives ANY WAY you choose. It’s forever Love from a Mother – the first PERFECT PEACE you knew – she knew what to do, without knowing how to carry it out.

She had to bear herself in public for the first time she tried – people watched her most Sacred Offering – to only be KNOWN as a Peace within.

GET LOW – GET REAL – MAKE PEACE on the GROUND, holding on to the Beauty that’s the Truth. Certainly the Truth of Earth’s Beauty can fall into place without any help from Human at all.

Mother’s arms are always the place to cling for DEAR Life. Something she always said, may suddenly make the sense of a Question you asked for a long time. There is always a good reason, when you FEEL the FEELINGS of your own Flesh and Blood.

She waits… for someone who will give her a break – at least the benefit of a doubt. She knows that’s good enough for Truth to speak for itself. She knows if we were together outside – she shared the Sun and the Wind in our Hair – for the FIRST TIME. She saw the look of wonder on our face – at what Life might be.

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