How to clean house, when there’s chaos…

“The Persistence of Memory” – Salvador Dalí

Have you had the persistent thought that it’s “about Time to clean house?”

According to the Maya – Time’s here. Have you been cleaning? Or, still just thinking about it? If you’re in the middle of chaos – that’s where it starts.

Things naturally get out of order when you change from one way to another. You had Familiar Ways you leaned to – shortcuts are part of chaos. I call it “straightening up the place” instead of actually cleaning it.

That only works for a while… by ORDER of the TIme, you will wonder – when will that day come, when I CAN do it right? It is marked on the Mayan calendar – that’s why we expect OUR TIME is coming – when we just HAVE TO. It’s written on a calendar. (Back to the point.)

First and ONLY Step – REALLY EASY

START WITH A PRAYER – Always adds something – bless that you CAN do it with some HELP – maybe DIVINE INTERVENTION.

PICK 4 Square Feet – I suggest the corner you see when you sit on the couch. It’s the most rewarding place. (If you don’t want to – pick 4 square feet ON THE COUCH. Just drag a drawer or box with you, and a trash bag. You can watch TV while you do.

I like the corner – I can still see the TV, or hear it. I start from the floor – just getting little pieces and sweeping it clean – run a wet rag with some soap over it. Then – whatever is above the floor – feels like you want to dust it, or set it right. THEN GO BACK TO THE COUCH – and look how great it is.

(If you are lucky – that is all you needed to do – you forgot you were watching TV and saw another couple of things, that were easy enough – that could make a REAL difference.)

That’s how to start. How you finish – is the mystery – that happens after.

Shakespeare on Laundry:
He shared no words from personal experience on laundry.

Did Shakespeare Do Laundry?
The short answer to this question is No, but only because men typically did not wash their clothes in the 16th century. Keeping linens clean, including clothing items, were done by women. (Men were capable, and there were certain cricumstances where men did wash clothes, but generally speaking, it was women). If you were an unmarried man, you typically had a staff in your home whose job it was to clean the linens, including your clothes. There are even 16-17th century historical records of men hiring women specifically to clean the laundry.  

That doesn’t mean that Shakespeare’s clothes weren’t clean, just that he likely didn’t clean them himself. So how did his clothes GET clean? What was the process of doing laundry in Shakespeare’s lifetime? Here’s what I found out:  To Know Shakespeare – step inside his world.

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