CAN: Will

All the places we can go, and things we can do… with LIFE

Migration of the Monarch Butterfly (National Forest Service)

“Shine out, fair sun, till I have bought a glass, that I may see my shadow as I pass.”

William Shakespeare, Richard III (1597)

Rise and Shine.

“Can. Will” were the two words a keynote speaker shared that he spoke with each step of his climb to the top of Mt. Everest. I don’t remember his name. I remember his way.

Every sunrise offers a new Revelation of who we could be. We wake up with a dream for tomorrow.

This is a day to see a choice, and a second “better than 50/50 chance” to start a new life, here and now.

If we remember we can ask for Divine Agency… and, if we remember to ask the same blessings for everyone… we’ll KNOW. God Can. God Will.

This could be the day we see a Miracle. They always happen all-at-once.

MAYAN TIME: Sacred Meaning for Today (02/12/2022)
3 Sun/AHAU: A Revelation that dispels every shadow of doubt. I Can. God Will.

Leo Full Moon – Mid to End of Feb 2022 – More Then Just Whistling While We Work (forecast by Timothy Hallaron)

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