Tides: The Rhythm of Life

Divine Forces of Movement and Light, DMalmos (02/19/2022; digital art)

There is a tide in the affairs of men / Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.”.

– William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar, Act-IV, Scene-III)

The Wave: for all it’s worth…

The Moon manifests the Tides, forces beyond human power.

The high tides were once the only way to enter or leave a port.

When the tides turn was the most important Time to Know.
There wouldn’t have been any fooling around. Preparations were already in place to hoist the sails.

So does Human’s heart flow with the Tides. Every morning at low tide, there’s a gift left on the shore. A wonder we never saw, a gift for the future, appeared in our dreams. Sometimes the Truth wakes us up before the first break of dawn.

Rise if the tides wake you up early. Look for the treasure before you raise your head from the pillow – a Divine Thought. Carry it to the light of a candle. Who are you? What do you want?

Don’t second guess the Time when it’s Divine Time. The Moon and the Tides are only symbols of the High Authority over the Whole Creation. We don’t have to know exactly how we’ll get there, or exactly where we’ll land – to KNOW we’ll reach Higher Ground.

No Human knows the moment that the Tides Turn for Love to find it’s way.
A Leap of Faith makes the difference.

Literary Analysis: William Shakespeare’s Quote

The theme of this phrase is relevant to manly acts such as war, battles, or even greater thoughts of philosophy and rhetoric. Here, Brutus and Cassius are talking about the final stage of the civil war they are fighting with Octavian and Marcus Antonius’ forces. Cassius urges Brutus and his associates to assemble their forces at a secure location at Sardis, to take full advantage of catching their breath.

However, Brutus advocates stopping the enemy at another place, Philippi, so that Octavian could not recruit more forces. He means to say they must act right now, because the ratio of forces is now in their favor. Having said this, Brutus insists that power is like a force that comes and goes, ebbs and flows, and one needs to “go with the flow.” If you wait around, your power will move away from its crest, and begin to ebb. It simply means that, if you miss your opportunity, you may find yourself trapped in miserable and disappointing shallows.

SOURCE: Literary Devices

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