Day of Pure Luck

The Perfect Time to Wish on a Star

By the Mayan accounting of Time that holds a Divine Meaning, Purpose and Order – some Times ARE luckier than others. Star/LAMAT is their symbol of the Scion. Venus is the Heavenly Sign, as the Brightest Star shining second only to the Sun. Venus delivers the Light of Beauty, adding universal dimension to the Light of “everyday.” Lamat is the “glint on a rose” that leads us to the sweet perfume.

ASK FOR DIVINE AGENCY to wish only for your heart’s desire. You’ll be stopped in your tracks by thoughts that could lead to your darkest ending. Remember. Love that is True in the Beginning only Grows with Time. Is there anything you’re heart has always dreamed could be? Could you forget? Even if you tried?

We were Given the Divine Provision for Dreams of Love to Come True, even when a Human Being lays a hand to it. Love is the Truth that creates the most Beautiful Moments in Time. And, we only have to choose it, and REMEMBER to ask for Help from the Only One who could ever pull it off in such a Divine and Beautiful, Unconditional Way.

2022 is a year for second tries, second chances, and a Harvest of Love we’ve created through the Intention of Auld Lang Syne. May we Dream on Behalf of the Whole for our Highest Happiness in the End.

Mayan Time: 5 Star/LAMAT
March 12, 2022, 03/12/2022

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